Lockie leonard assignment part 2

1 I think lockie is a likeable character because he is the lead character in the book.
Also Lockie is a friendly person, he is a bit out going , friendly to people , helpful to his brother. When lockie goes to the school Angelus, he is there to make some friends. Also to do well at school and The Fact that the Author gave lockie the characteristics he want’s us to think that he is a nice person and helpful also When Vickie asks him if he want to smoke at her house and lockie says no so ther he is being responsible.So that is why i think lockie is a good character and people should like him in the book.Also he is our age and it is a bit about school and we are in school to.

2 I think that lockie could also be seen in a bad way.
when Vickie says to lockie do you want a smoke lockie says no but he could say Yea i will try one,and smokes it and that would make peope fill that he is not a very good person or that he isent responsible person. Also he could be really mean to his brother when he wets his bed and bag him and not be there for him when he dose wet the bed.Also he wouldent be  be nice to him like telling  every one at schooland at home that he does.that would make him a bit of a bully.Also when lockie gose over to vickies they do some stuff that isent very responsible and when vickies dad comes in they lie to her dad and that wouldent be very trust worthy to lockies mum and dad or to vickies mum and dad. so that shows how lockie could be a bad person in the book


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Lockie leonard part 1

english1.jpgenglish.jpg These are some pictures to describe me. i could onlt think of these five pictures i didnt know what else to do so  i chose these.

1. I chose the lady with the animals because when i am older i want to be a vet and i realy like animals and i want to had lots of animals when im older to or something like that.

2. I chose the swimmer because I used to swim. and i like to go to the pools and it is lots of fun.

3.  I chose the duck because i had ducks and i like ducks i think that they are nice at times and somtimes they can be mean

4. I chose the camp picture because i always go camping and i like to goi go withmy family sence i was 3 years and i have always liked camping.

5. And i chose this flower because it is pink and i like pink also it is one of my best flowers but most of all it is pink.     

I chose these pictures because that is how i would discribe my self and i like all these this that i have put on this page .I think that my character is a girl that like animal most of all dogs and i like to go camping i think i am a good camper andits is lots of fum to i also love to swim it is my best sport when i was little i wanted to be in the olympics but now i just like it as a sport so that is ow i would discribe myself.

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Reflections on English

The best bit of work I did was the doctor who beacuse it was fun and I liked the movie. The best assigment was the fox assigment it was a good book.The assigment that I didnt like was the fox when we had to right a story about it in my own words.The best book I read was The Witches it was a bit scary at times but i realy like that book. Some of the things i have leart are how to use apostrophsI think I most learnt when i had to do some work sheets and in the class room. I could have learnt more if i had liked it a bit more. I like it when the class is not to loud and i can work  that s my best enviornment.I think I need to work on my reading and try to be more positve of what i do in class i think i just need to try not to lissten to the grade wen we are working and then my ability might be beter. I also liked the book holes it was a good book to read and it would of been hard to dig all of the holes and it would of been realy hot and i liked the movie. I also liked doing the comic stripe it was fun.

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Superheroes story

I woke up one morning and said to my self i wish i was invisable then i took a look at my feet and they wernt there. so then i walked down to my mum and said good morning and my mum said “who is there” I go “its me mum ” i told her what had happend then i said to myself i wish i was not invisible any more then i was’nt so i got realy scard of what had happend.So i had breakfast mum was a little wierd so then i said “i’m going for a walk”.As i was walking i saw a guy in a house with a lady she was screeming so i go i wish i was invisable. Then i open the window at the back and went in is saw the guy so then i used her phone and rang the police they said they were going to take a bit so i thort of a plan, and then i saw some rope so i throw it over the guy and he’s like who’s there so i tied him up. Then i said i wish i was not invisable then the police come and asked who did this then the lady told them the story and i was on news my mum come,she was very happy. So now i am now as the invisable girl. I gess it is a good thing that i can help people but the people are al ways trying to copy me now making movies and toys but in the end i fill good for who i am,But what i what to now is how did i get this power and to ever gave it to me thanks.

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1) What will your power be? Explain what you will be able to do but also explain its limitations. discussed about needing .

My power is to go invisible and then now one can see me.

I want this power bec

2) Why do you want this power? What will be some good things about having this power? What benefits will it bring to you/others?

beacuse then i can be on my own and no one will see me.But than people will ask for me.
3) What will some negative things be about your power? How could you power cause problems for you or those around you?

My parents might call the police and they Will say I’m missing.

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Doctor who the review

I am reviewing the doctor who movie.
it is about a bride named Donna and some aliens who try to kill her.I learnt that you can change  normal this to things that we don’t use today.I think that it is to teach us to realise that you can change things that we use. To things that we don’t. I think that this movie fits in science fiction.it is a little scary and funny.the action takes place when they see the santa’s.
these are some of the peolple who were in the movie the writter is Rusell T Davies the director Euros,lyn a phone both santas,spider doctor who and Donna.
the main charecter are Donna and Doctor Who.I think it makes people fill that they can change things well thats what i felt.
I realy liked the movie beacuse it was a bit scary at times and it just was a good movie to watch.
I realy liked the spider beacuse i didnt thik that a spider would be in this kind of story and i also liked the phone both beacuse it was biger inside and it gave it a bit of a twist.
The cast and the crew did a good job they changed things and it was differant to most movies.
It could be changed so the spider die’s or maby you could of made it so it was still alive and you would have two a conitnued
movie of it.

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